Dan Otto for Constable

Dan Otto is an honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran who was deployed during the Gulf War. Dan’s law enforcement career

  • Attended college at Eastfield community college in Mesquite, Texas where he majored in Criminal Justice.
  • Attended the Police academy at Collin College in Mckinney, Tx.
  • During his service to our country he served in the Middle East and Germany. His service was between 1990-93 U.S. Army and 1993-98 in the Texas National Guard.
Political Ideology: Republican
Religion Catholic
Date of Birth July 13, 1972

Dan began his service to Rockwall County in 1993 when he joined the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office as a jailer. Working his way up the ladder. Dan became a patrol officer in 1996 and obtained the rank of Sergeant in 1999. Dan is still currently a Sergeant of a Patrol shift and the commander of the Rockwall Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team.

Residency & Values

  • Dan has been a resident of Rockwall County since 1981 and graduated from Rockwall High school 1990
  • Dan has been a resident of Rockwall County Precinct 3 since 1981. He and his wife, Tia, have been married for 20 years.
  • Dan has known hard work all his life. He and his wife Tia are small business owners. When he is not on patrol serving the citizens of Rockwall County, Dan can be found working with his wife Tia at their German Shepard Dog business where they breed, raise, train, and sell German Shepard Dogs. Their dogs are known throughout the nation.

Licenses Held

  • Texas Commission on Law Enforcement
  • Master Peace officer
  • Instructor Proficiency
  • Firearms Instructor Proficiency
  • Has completed both basic and advanced civil process class

We Are Totally For

  • Honesty and doing the right thing for all citizens all of the time.
  • Honor of God, country and family.
  • Service to all citizens of Rockwall County, Precinct 3.

Why Should You Vote For Me?

  • I remain committed as a taxpayer and an elected official to spending tax money wisely so as not to duplicate any services or efforts of another partner law enforcement agency in the precinct or county.
  • Administer civil process but also respond to emergency calls for service as needed for Rockwall County.

"I humbly ask for your vote and I promise to lead a law enforcement officer you can be proud of."

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Duties of a Constable

  • County Constables and their deputies may serve civil process in any precinct in their county and any contiguous county and can serve arrest warrants anywhere in the state. The duties of a Texas constable generally include providing court room security for the justice of the peace court(s) within the precinct and serving process issued there and from any other court.
  • Constables and their deputies in Texas are official, certified Texas law-enforcement officers. Constables and their deputies must graduate from a state-certified law enforcement academy. All peace officers in Texas are trained to the same state requirement. Constables and their Deputies also have identical powers of arrest as county sheriffs and their deputies.
  • County Constables and their Deputies can respond to 911 calls and assist any of the area law enforcement agencies as needed. The Constable’s authority considerably overlaps with that of the County Sheriff, especially with respect to serving civil documents as well as criminal warrants.

Dan Otto Will...

  • Work to strengthen the relationship between the Office of Constable & other departments serving Rockwall County.
  • Bring technology to the Office for more efficient process service & tracking.
  • Provide professional, competent process service with the knowledge required for proper service of summons, forcible detainers, etc. to attorneys & law firms.
  • Participate in continuous training to ensure competency & safety in the Office of Constable.
  • Hire competent Deputies to assist me in carrying out the duties of the Office requiring them to also participate in continuous training to ensure their competency & safety.
  • Be an active member of the Texas Constable Association to work to increase professionalism & competency to Constables all across the State of Texas.
  • Be involved in local community activities & programs as often as possible.
  • Be involved in our local schools & other youth programs conducting classes & programs on various issues our kids face today.
Dan and Tia Otto in Germany

I have over 26 years in law enforcement, where I conducted many traffic stops, apprehended many felons, investigated motor accidents, assisted battered women, and testified against criminal activity. During my tenure, I moved up the ranks and currently hold a position with the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office as Sergeant. I work with highly trained Sheriff’s Deputies serving the citizens of Rockwall County on a daily basis.

I already know the people and have built a relationship with the enforcement officers and departments that are needed to protect and serve the citizens of Precinct 3.

I’m kingly aware of family violence procedures, civil process, and civil attachments. I’m a firm believer of that if you and your staff are well trained, then your community is well protected. I have served the citizens of Rockwall County for over 26 years and would like to continue to do so as your constable.

I look forward to meet you all to listen and discuss the vision I have for Rockwall County Constable’s Office Precinct 3.